The 2023 DAF Giving Summit promises two days of thought-provoking panels, insightful keynotes and engaging presentations designed to inspire and empower.

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Use this high-level schedule to plan your travel. Stay tuned for additional details about our exciting lineup!
Agenda is subject to change.

October 2
8 AMTravel
6 PM - 8 PMWelcome Meet & Greet
October 3
8 AM - 9 AMBreakfast
9 AM - 11 AMOpening Keynote & Panel
11 AM - 12:30 PMBreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
12:30 PM - 1:30 PMLunch
1:30 PM - 4 PM BreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
4 PM - 5 PMGeneral Session
6 PM - 8 PMDAF Giving Summit Reception
October 4
7:30 AM - 8:30 AMBreakfast
8:30 AM - 9:30 AMOpening Keynote & Panel
9:30 AM - 12 PMBreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
12 PM - 1 PMClosing Keynote
Monday, October 2
8 AMTravel
6 PM - 8 PMWelcome Meet & Greet
Tuesday, October 3
8 AM - 9 AM Breakfast
9 AM - 11 AMOpening Keynote & Panel
11 AM - 12:30 PMBreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
12:30 PM - 1:30 PMLunch
1:30 PM - 4 PMBreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
4 PM - 5 PMGeneral Session
6 PM - 8 PMDAF Giving Summit Reception
Wednesday, October 4
7:30 AM - 8:30 AMBreakfast
8:30 AM - 9:30 AMOpening Keynote & Panel
9:30 AM - 12 PMBreakoutsBreakoutsBreakouts
12 PM - 1 PMClosing Keynote




The DAF Giving Summit agenda is organized into tracks for an even more focused experience. See examples of track content below, and be sure to check back often for new details on session times, speakers, and topics.


Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Where we are today: DAF data and trends with the DAF Research Collaborative
The Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC) carries out research that contributes to the public’s understanding of DAFs, studying account-level data from 100+ DAF programs along with carrying out qualitative donor research. Dig into the latest data with DAFRC’s founders, Dan Heist and Danielle Vance-McMullen to understand the current DAF landscape. A moderated discussion with guest Deb Garcia of Doctors Without Borders will delve into how this data can help you grow your business and explore what’s in store for the future of DAFs.

Led by:

Dan Heist headshot

Dan Heist

DAF Research Collaborative

Danielle Vance-McMullen headshot

Danielle Vance-McMullen

DAF Research Collaborative

Deb Garcia Headshot

Deb Garcia

Director of Development
Doctors Without Borders

1:30 PM

Generative AI + DAFs: What are the opportunities?
This year saw generative AI technologies explode into the mainstream. In this session, we’ll bring everyone up to speed on recent developments and then transition to a panel discussing the short- and mid-term opportunities of this new tech trend in the DAF space.

Led by:

Alison Fine Headshot

Allison Fine


Gideon Taub headshot

Gideon Taub

Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Scanlon Headshot

Kevin Scanlon

Director, IT Systems & Information
Cleveland Foundation

Brandolon Barnett Headshot

Brandolon Barnett

Head of Innovation & Philanthropy
Giving Compass

2:45 PM

It takes a village: Empowering advisors to connect with donors
Successful advisors rely on their networks to provide an exceptional client experience. Join us to discuss how successful programs empower advisors to not only attract and retain business but to assist their clients in exceeding their philanthropic goals. Building and running a successful program requires a variety of thought processes and team members with different skill sets – learn how to supercharge your processes, your people, your materials, and your approach to surround clients with a true team of trusted advisors.

Led by:

Christine Donvan Headshot

Christine Donovan

Senior Vice President | Director
The Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Turning off the shot clock: Using DAFs for a more thoughtful approach to your clients’ philanthropy
Among their many other attributes, DAFs can unlock the shackles of time that constrain many other philanthropic vehicles. Doing so opens the door to a more thoughtful, strategic, and impactful form of philanthropy, one in which philanthropic advisors can play a unique and important role to help unlock a DAF’s full potential. This session will discuss how DAFs are a uniquely effective tool to achieve real philanthropic impact while providing a sense of joy and connectivity.

Led by:

Daniel Widome Headshot

Daniel Widome

Executive Director, Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Maryann Fernandez Headshot

Maryann Fernandez

Managing Director
Strategic Philanthropy Ltd.

11:00 AM

Wealth transfer and the next generation: Thoughts from leading programs
Research continues to show that we’re at the very beginning of a significant transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to their Gen X and Millennial children. As much as $12 trillion dollars could go to philanthropy as a direct result of this wealth transfer. Learn from leading DAF Programs about how they’re planning to navigate this generational wealth transfer.

Led by:

Hank Dunbar Headshot

Hank Dunbar Jr.

Senior Vice President, Manager, Philanthropic and Charitable Services
First Citizens Bank

Stephanie Buckley Headshot

Stephanie Buckley

Head of Trust Philanthropic Services
Wells Fargo Private Bank

Paul Forbes Headshot

Paul Forbes

Senior Vice President of Giver Experience
National Christian Foundation

Tom Brilli

Executive Director, Head of Donor-Advised Funds
J.P. Morgan

Discover the keys to creating exceptional DAF programs. Learn from industry experts, leverage valuable insights, and propel the growth of DAF programs that customers love.


Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Strengthen your philanthropic services
You’re successfully attracting new funds and donors. All of the transactional and basic customer stewardship pieces are humming along. But you know some donors are stuck in their philanthropic journeys – they have questions! What will you do next to guide those donors toward more meaningful, impactful philanthropy? Join this highly interactive session to learn about effective frameworks for developing more proactive education, advising, and engagement services as well as the staffing models and competencies you’ll need to offer or broker those services successfully within your business model.

Led by:

Dien Yuen Headshot

Dien Yuen

Founder & CEO
Daylight Advisors

Tony Macklin

Tony Macklin Consulting

1:30 PM

The circle of success: Partnerships in philanthropy
Successful partnerships recognize the distinctive strengths that each party brings forward and how they can best complement each other to achieve more. This joint panel with the Community Foundation of Tampa and Edible Education illustrates a prosperous partnership in philanthropy – starting with a donor that had a passion and idea, working with a foundation that helped them develop the idea, and then selecting a suitable charity who was then able to make a positive impact on the community.

Led by:

Amy Haile Headshot

Amy Haile

Executive Director
Champions for Children, Inc.

Denvye Boyle Headshot

Denyve Boyle

Senior Director of Philanthropy
Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Henri Cancio Fitzgerald

Henri Cancio-Fitzgerald

SVP, Managing Director Nonprofit Strategy & Solutions Group
PNC Institutional Asset Management

Kevin Fonzo

Co-Founder & Chef Instructor
Edible Education Experience

Marisa Worley Headshot

Marisa Worley

Executive Director
Edible Education Experience

Miles Williams Headshot

Miles Williams

Chief Operating Officer
Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation

2:45 PM

Diversify your DAF portfolio with impact investing
Your Finance Committee recommends allocating some of your DAF assets towards impact investing… Where do you start? Join this session to hear from panelists that excel in impact investing and will share what they learned along the way. Topics will include risk mitigation, private investing, public strategies, recoverable grants, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Led by:

Avery Fontaine Headshot

Avery T. Fontaine

SVP Head of Philanthropy & Impact
PNC Private Bank Hawthorn

Sally Boulter Headshot

Sally Boulter

Senior Engagement Officer

Liz Sessler Headshot

Liz Sessler

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Onder Headshot

Scott Onder

Chief Investment Officer
Mercy Corps Ventures

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs): Flexibility for DAF program growth
Considering offering separately managed accounts (SMAs)? This approach allows a donor’s financial advisor to retain the management of assets after donation, allowing the FA to offer a tailored approach to investing. Many foundations now offer this option to their high-net-worth donors (HNW) after it became evident that there are assets they’re not able to attract without it. Join this panel session to learn how allowing wealth advisors to manage and get paid on DAF investment portfolios sends the right message… and allows the donor to employ the proper team of advisors to make impact (and attract and retain wealth)!

Led by:

Christy Butler Eckoff

Senior Trust Advisor, Trust Advisory Services, Southeast Region
Wells Fargo Wealth & Investment Management

Donna Frederick Headshot

Donna E. Frederick

SVP, Donor-Advised Funds Executive Director
Stifel Charitable Inc.

Richard Peck Headshot

Richard Peck

Richard C. Peck Consulting, LLC

Stephanie Sessa Headshot

Stephanie Sessa

Donor Relations Officer
Austin Community Foundation

11:00 AM

Foundations: Goal setting and measuring what matters
Do you know how your foundation’s grant making has impacted your community? Do you know what you want your organization to accomplish in the next three years? While foundations largely recognize the importance of evaluating their own performance to learn what is working and how, many struggle to solidify an operating plan or understand their impact. In this session we’ll explore goalmaking, benchmarking, and how to measure and account for success.

Led by:

Andrea Cummings Headshot

Andrea Cummings

Senior Director, Philanthropic Services
Minneapolis Foundation

Brittany Schultz Headshot

Brittany Schultz

Philanthropic Advisor
Cleveland Foundation

Chris Beach Headshot

Chris Beach

SVP, Philanthropic Services
Minneapolis Foundation

Kristi Knous Headshot

Kristi Knous

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

Nicole Hisler

SVP, Director of Charitable Solutions
Raymond James Charitable

Community and faith-based foundations and single-issue DAFs face unique circumstances and opportunities. Gain the knowledge to carry your organization forward for your donors and community.

Board of Directors2023-09-21T13:28:08+00:00

Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Board fiduciary duties for DAF sponsoring organizations
Discover the core fiduciary duties of charitable board members, explored in the context of DAF sponsoring organizations. Marla and Gil will delve into duties of care, loyalty, and obedience, examining board members’ roles in overseeing DAF activities, such as supervising investments, grantmaking, and addressing conflicts of interest. Join this session to gain practical insights that you can take forward to your own practice.

Led by:

Gil Nausbaum Headshot

Gil A. Nusbaum

General Counsel
National Philanthropic Trust

Marla Conley Headshot

Marla Conley

Founding Partner
Conley Law Group

1:30 PM

Using an intermediary for your international grantmaking: Challenges, lessons, and successes
Join us as we present best practices and examples of the successes and challenges experienced when using a grantmaking intermediary to facilitate grants advised by a domestic DAF that are made to a foreign grantee. We’ll review the basic principles of cross-border grantmaking: regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and reputation protection. Real-life examples will demonstrate how using an intermediary partner can benefit a DAF sponsor’s donor clients while minimizing the risk exposure and administrative burden.

Led by:

Colleen Cashman Headshot

Colleen Cashman

Senior Manager of Premier Services and Strategy
Vanguard Charitable

Pascale Remy Headshot

Pascale Remy

Head of Global Partnerships
Sport dans la Ville

Ted Hart Headshot

Ted Hart

President & CEO
CAF America

2:45 PM

Navigate the legal maze: Exploring recent court cases
The recent rise in the popularity of DAFs has also brought controversy in the courts. Join this in-depth discussion on recent cases and decisions, as well as proposed federal legislation, to help your organization navigate legal developments that could meaningfully impact donors, DAFs, and DAF-sponsoring organizations.

Led by:

Greg Baker headshot

Gregory W. Baker

President & Chairperson
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Donor-advised funds’ expanding impact: Private foundation rollovers
DAFs continue to play a critical role in driving the dedication of private wealth resources to charitable organizations and are being put to active use in fueling the budget of a growing number of charities. With the rising awareness of the benefits DAFs offer, a new constituency has emerged – private foundations that seek to roll over to a DAF structure and shutter their foundation. Join our panelists as they speak to this growing trend with a special focus on the gaps preventing the DAF industry from offering a best-in-class service model to private foundation conversions today.

Led by:

Don Greene headshot

Donald J. Greene

Managing Director
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Sunil Garga Headshot

Sunil Garga

Advisory Board Member
Foundation Source

11:00 AM

DAF board member vs. non-DAF charity board member: What’s the difference?
All board members of a charity owe basic duties including care, loyalty, and obedience. But, there’s more to being a board member of a DAF sponsoring organization. This session will focus on the different skills, duties, responsibilities, focus, and rhythm that differentiate being a board member of other charities as compared to being a DAF board member.

Led by:

Carla DeLoach Headshot

Carla DeLoach

DeLoach, P.L.

Jordan Hurlburt Headshot

Jordan Hurlburt

DeLoach, P.L.

Learn best-practices across compliance, oversight, policy trends, and more from the most experienced and authoritative voices in your industry.

All Hands

Discover the trends driving change and progress across the DAF ecosystem and gain insight into what will drive the planned giving sector forward in the coming years during the DAF Giving Summit general sessions. All Hands sessions are scheduled with no conflicting breakout sessions so that all attendees can collaborate on the most pressing topics facing our industry.

Monday, October 2

6:00 PM

Cheers! Welcome to the second annual DGS
Duggan Cooley, CEO of the Pinellas Community Foundation will be welcoming us to the 2023 DGS and kicking off the summit. Join us to connect with other members of the DAF community while enjoying some drinks and snacks.

Led by:

Duggan Cooley Headshot

Duggan Cooley

Pinellas Community Foundation

Tuesday, October 3

9:00 AM

Welcome to the DAF Giving Summit
Marlene Spalten, Community Foundation Tampa Bay’s President and CEO, will provide a warm welcome to Clearwater and introduce the 2023 DGS. You’ll also get a taste of what’s to come and walk through all of the necessary logistics and details.

Led by:

Marlene Spalten Headshot

Marlene Spalten

President and CEO
Community Foundation Tampa Bay

9:15 AM

CEO conversation: Defining best practices to shift the narrative
Increased interest and use of DAFs have given rise to concerns that the vehicle is “unregulated” and a tool for tax avoidance. Most of us who know DAFs well know that’s simply not true. Join this opening conversation with DAF presidents to learn how sponsoring organizations are defining their best practices and compliance, and how you can proactively drive positive public awareness and help stakeholders understand the value of this vehicle.

Led by:

Donna Kush Headshot

Donna Kush

President & CEO
Omaha Community Foundation

Rebecca Moffett

Vanguard Charitable

Sara Barba Headshot

Sara Barba


10:15 AM

Imagine Differently
Imagine if people shared more, thought about their wealth differently, and collaborated with one another to bring about change. This session will explore what it means for a philanthropist to approach their giving through a lens of compassion, with the goals to uplift, inspire, and educate. Hear from Trish Duggan and learn more about her story and her work.

Led by:

Trish Dugan Headshot

Trish Duggan

Artist & Philanthropist

Jack Almo Headshot

Jack Almo

Executive Director, Senior Portfolio Management Director, Alternative Investments Director, and Private Wealth Advisor
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Melanie Schnoll Begun Headshot

Melanie Schnoll-Begun

President and Head of Family Office Resources Field Engagement
Morgan Stanley GIFT

12:45 PM

Innovator roundtables
We are excited to welcome Innovator sponsors as they lead engaging and interactive roundtable discussions taking place during lunch on Tuesday. Pick up your lunch and join a roundtable session for your opportunity to connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and experts while enjoying a delicious meal.

Heifer International
Heifer International is known for its pioneering work in sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Now, they’re set to share how they can support DAF donors and advisors in an enlightening roundtable session that showcases how partnering with Heifer can magnify charitable impacts.

GlobalGiving connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. Join them for a roundtable session as they delve into the art of strategic philanthropy and the immense potential of DAFs to make a real impact on global challenges.

4:00 PM

Trivia and philanthropy with Ken Jennings, the King of Jeopardy
Celebrated as the Greatest Jeopardy! Player ever, Ken Jennings replaced the iconic Alex Trebek as a co-host of Jeopardy and is also a New York Times best-selling author. Join Ken as he shares some of his most inspiring stories and then pivots to being back in the hot seat as a contestant against three lucky attendees, including one randomly selected during the summit, who will join him on stage for a special DAF Jeopardy! experience.

Led by:

Ken Jennings Headshot

Ken Jennings

Wednesday, October 4

8:30 AM

Trust-based giving: Myths, realities, and best practices
This panel session will explore the fundamental principles of a trust-based giving approach while helping to clarify some common misconceptions. We’ll provide concrete examples and leading practices to give you the tools to have informed discussions and implement a trust-based granting strategy. We’ll also share current trends we are seeing in the adoption of this approach.

Led by:

Drew Rabe Headshot

Drew Rabe

Managing Director
Arabella Advisors

John Oddy Headshot

John Oddy

Vice President for Donor Relations
New York Community Trust

Karen Kardos Headshot

Karen Kardos

Global Head of Philanthropic Advisory
Citi Private Bank

Miki Akimoto Headshot

Miki Akimoto

Chief Impact Officer
National Center for Family Philanthropy

12:15 PM

Inside the president’s office: The real conversations program presidents are having.
We’ll wrap up the 2023 DAF Giving Summit with this panel that highlights the biggest opportunities and noteworthy challenges that the sector faces. Hear from program presidents as they share the biggest ahas of the conference and audience calls to action for the next 12 months.

Led by:

Don Green Headshot

Donald J. Greene

Managing Director
Bank of America

Isaiah Oliver Headshot

Isaiah Oliver

President & CEO
The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

Melanie Schnoll Begun Headshot

Melanie Schnoll-Begun

President and Head of Family Office Resources Field Engagement
Morgan Stanley GIFT

Rachel Schnoll

Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Communal Fund

Robert Kellogg Headshot

Robert Kellogg

WatersEdge Advisors and Ministry Services

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