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DAFs Impact for Fundraisers: Insights from FreeWill’s 2024 Donor-Advised Fund Report

Wednesday, May 22nd 2024 – 1 pm (ET)

As we witness the continual rise of a new kind of giving for donors and nonprofits, the potential of donor-advised funds (DAFs) for charities is more promising than ever.

FreeWill surveyed more than 500 nonprofit professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of donor-advised funds’ impacts on the philanthropic landscape. In this exclusive DAF Giving Summit webinar, Patrick Schmitt, CEO of FreeWill, will share an inside look at the emerging trends they discovered in their research.

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Decoding DAFs: Key Findings from the 2024 National Study on Donor-Advised Funds

The Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC) recently released the most extensive, comprehensive study on DAFs to date, encompassing nine years of data on more than 50,000 accounts from 111 DAF programs covering succession plans, donor demographics, contributions, payout rates, grant-making speed and more.

Join us to hear Dan Heist and Danielle Vance-McMullen share key findings from the report and answer some of your most pressing questions about DAFs based on their most recent research. You’ll gain valuable knowledge on DAF demographics, trends, and the evolving landscape of philanthropy.

Activating UHNW Donors: Balancing impact and fulfillment

Our most strategic donors are taking new and different approaches to their giving. Reactive, impersonal giving in response to grant requests is out.

Join moderator Kim Ledger, VP of Complex Assets at Ren for a virtual fireside chat with Anonymous Philanthropy’s Josh Stamer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Alex Neckles, Managing Director, to discover the pivotal role of storytelling in inspiring action, the significance of collaborative problem-solving beyond traditional donations, and innovative approaches to maximize impact. Learn how successful philanthropy merges impact with fulfillment, making generosity effective and enjoyable.

IRS DAF regulations: What they do and how to get involved before January 16

In late 2023, Treasury and IRS released proposed regulations that will change how DAFs are defined and used. With a week until the comment submission deadline, join us to understand how various stakeholders are responding to the proposed DAF regulations and how your organization can get involved.

In this webinar, led by Sara Barba from Integer, you’ll get actionable guidance to help you shape the outcome before the January 16 deadline.

Recap of the 2023 DAF Giving Summit

Did you miss out on the DAF Giving Summit a few weeks ago? Or, did you attend but still have burning questions that weren’t answered during session Q&A? Join us for a special recap webinar where we bring the summit experience to your screen and condense the best of what our attendees and speakers learned.

Navigating passion assets and real estate donations: Uncover expert strategies

Take a deep dive into the topics of passion assets and real estate donations. Gain insight into how to choose strategies, such as charitable donations, how to dispose of them, and ways to find experts who provide market and valuation information as gifts are prepared. Our presenters will also reveal the gap between how much Americans have in real estate wealth as well as wealth in the form of passion assets such as art, jewelry, cars and collectibles and the gifts that are donated in the form of these alternative assets. The presenters will discuss how these alternative assets can become part of a donor’s philanthropic strategy.

Empowering greater impact: How leading charities are approaching innovation

Discover how leading charities leverage DAFs and cutting-edge technology to drive impact and outcomes. Join us as we explore communication strategies for DAF donors of varying giving capacities, discuss the evolving landscape of DAFs, and unravel the potential of new technologies like Generative AI in achieving organizational missions. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the world of innovative giving tools and technology.

Innovating for impact: Strategies from leading community foundations

How do large community foundations define innovation? What are they trying to achieve through innovative investments, grants, and engagement? Join Lory Lannon of The Boston Foundation, Lindsay Aroesty of The Pittsburgh Foundation, and Chris Beach of The Minneapolis Foundation for a virtual panel discussion moderated by Rick Peck on August 14th to learn how the most forward-thinking community foundations can create better outcomes and more significant impact.

A new kind of DAF for a new generation of donors

Join Endaoment and Charityvest to explore the “new era” of donor-advised funds built for the digital generation. These tech-forward DAFs focus on throughput, transparency, and ease of use. In this discussion, Endaoment CEO Robbie Heeger and Charityvest CEO Stephen Kump will unpack how they’re making traditional concepts in the philanthropic space, such as giving circles, monthly giving, and workplace giving, approachable through new asset classes and new generations of philanthropists.

Moderated by Ruth Bender, Director of Donor Advised Funds at the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.


Explore emerging trends and patterns with the co-founders of the DAF Research Collaborative (DAFRC) – Dr. Dan Heist, Brigham Young University, and Dr. Danielle Vance-McMullen, DePaul University.

The 2023 Public Policy Agenda and Its Impact on Philanthropy

During the first DAF Giving Summit webinar, hear Sara Barba, Principal at DC-based Integer, share what the new Congress could mean for policy relating to philanthropy.