Recusal Policy for Industry Awards Committee Members

To maintain the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the DAF Giving Summit Awards, the following recusal policy is established for DAF Giving Summit Awards Committee members. This policy outlines circumstances under which a committee member must recuse themselves from discussions, evaluations, or decisions related to specific award nominations and submissions.

1. Conflicts of Interest

Committee members must recuse themselves from any discussions or decisions if they have a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest arises in situations where a committee member has a direct interest in the organization, program, advisor, or charity being considered for an award, including:

  • Is an employee, board member, consultant, or advisor to the organization, program, advisor, or charity being considered.
  • Has a close personal relationship with an individual or individuals associated with the nomination/submission, which could affect impartial judgment.
  • Has provided or received significant support, collaboration, or partnership with the organization, program, advisor, or charity being considered.

2. Appearance of Bias

Committee members must also recuse themselves if there is an appearance of bias that could undermine the credibility of the awards process. This includes situations where:

  • The committee member has publicly endorsed, promoted, or criticized the organization, program, advisor, or charity being considered.
  • The committee member’s actions or statements could reasonably be perceived as showing favoritism or prejudice towards any nomination/submission.

3. Procedures for Recusal

When a potential conflict of interest or appearance of bias is identified:

  1. Self-Disclosure: The committee member must disclose the potential conflict to the entire committee as soon as it is identified.
  2. Evaluation: The committee will evaluate the nature of the conflict or bias and determine if recusal is necessary.
  3. Recusal Decision: If recusal is deemed necessary, the committee member must abstain from all discussions, evaluations, and decisions related to the specific nomination/submission.
  4. Documentation: The recusal and the reasons for it must be documented in the committee’s records.

4. Handling Disagreements

In cases where there is disagreement about whether a committee member should recuse themselves, the following process will be followed:

  1. Discussion: The committee will discuss the potential conflict or bias in the absence of the member in question.
  2. Vote: A majority vote of the remaining committee members will determine whether recusal is required.
  3. Final Decision: The decision reached by the vote is final and binding.

5. Ensuring Impartiality

To further ensure impartiality:

  • Committee members should not engage in discussions about specific submissions outside of official meetings.
  • Any attempts to influence the decision-making process by parties external to the committee should be reported and documented.

By adhering to this recusal policy, we aim to uphold the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and integrity in the selection process for the Industry Awards.


Each committee member must acknowledge and agree to abide by this recusal policy upon joining the committee.