Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Where we are today: DAF data and trends with the DAF Research Collaborative
The Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC) carries out research that contributes to the public’s understanding of DAFs, studying account-level data from 100+ DAF programs along with carrying out qualitative donor research. Dig into the latest data with DAFRC’s founders, Dan Heist and Danielle Vance-McMullen to understand the current DAF landscape. A moderated discussion with guest Deb Garcia of Doctors Without Borders will delve into how this data can help you grow your business and explore what’s in store for the future of DAFs.

Led by:

Dan Heist headshot

Dan Heist

DAF Research Collaborative

Danielle Vance-McMullen headshot

Danielle Vance-McMullen

DAF Research Collaborative

Deb Garcia Headshot

Deb Garcia

Director of Development
Doctors Without Borders

1:30 PM

Generative AI + DAFs: What are the opportunities?
This year saw generative AI technologies explode into the mainstream. In this session, we’ll bring everyone up to speed on recent developments and then transition to a panel discussing the short- and mid-term opportunities of this new tech trend in the DAF space.

Led by:

Alison Fine Headshot

Allison Fine


Gideon Taub headshot

Gideon Taub

Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Scanlon Headshot

Kevin Scanlon

Director, IT Systems & Information
Cleveland Foundation

Brandolon Barnett Headshot

Brandolon Barnett

Head of Innovation & Philanthropy
Giving Compass

2:45 PM

It takes a village: Empowering advisors to connect with donors
Successful advisors rely on their networks to provide an exceptional client experience. Join us to discuss how successful programs empower advisors to not only attract and retain business but to assist their clients in exceeding their philanthropic goals. Building and running a successful program requires a variety of thought processes and team members with different skill sets – learn how to supercharge your processes, your people, your materials, and your approach to surround clients with a true team of trusted advisors.

Led by:

Christine Donvan Headshot

Christine Donovan

Senior Vice President | Director
The Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Turning off the shot clock: Using DAFs for a more thoughtful approach to your clients’ philanthropy
Among their many other attributes, DAFs can unlock the shackles of time that constrain many other philanthropic vehicles. Doing so opens the door to a more thoughtful, strategic, and impactful form of philanthropy, one in which philanthropic advisors can play a unique and important role to help unlock a DAF’s full potential. This session will discuss how DAFs are a uniquely effective tool to achieve real philanthropic impact while providing a sense of joy and connectivity.

Led by:

Daniel Widome Headshot

Daniel Widome

Executive Director, Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Morgan Stanley

Maryann Fernandez Headshot

Maryann Fernandez

Managing Director
Strategic Philanthropy Ltd.

11:00 AM

Wealth transfer and the next generation: Thoughts from leading programs
Research continues to show that we’re at the very beginning of a significant transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to their Gen X and Millennial children. As much as $12 trillion dollars could go to philanthropy as a direct result of this wealth transfer. Learn from leading DAF Programs about how they’re planning to navigate this generational wealth transfer.

Led by:

Hank Dunbar Headshot

Hank Dunbar Jr.

Senior Vice President, Manager, Philanthropic and Charitable Services
First Citizens Bank

Stephanie Buckley Headshot

Stephanie Buckley

Head of Trust Philanthropic Services
Wells Fargo Private Bank

Paul Forbes Headshot

Paul Forbes

Senior Vice President of Giver Experience
National Christian Foundation

Tom Brilli

Executive Director, Head of Donor-Advised Funds
J.P. Morgan