Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Strengthen your philanthropic services
You’re successfully attracting new funds and donors. All of the transactional and basic customer stewardship pieces are humming along. But you know some donors are stuck in their philanthropic journeys – they have questions! What will you do next to guide those donors toward more meaningful, impactful philanthropy? Join this highly interactive session to learn about effective frameworks for developing more proactive education, advising, and engagement services as well as the staffing models and competencies you’ll need to offer or broker those services successfully within your business model.

Led by:

Dien Yuen Headshot

Dien Yuen

Founder & CEO
Daylight Advisors

Tony Macklin

Tony Macklin Consulting

1:30 PM

The circle of success: Partnerships in philanthropy
Successful partnerships recognize the distinctive strengths that each party brings forward and how they can best complement each other to achieve more. This joint panel with the Community Foundation of Tampa and Edible Education illustrates a prosperous partnership in philanthropy – starting with a donor that had a passion and idea, working with a foundation that helped them develop the idea, and then selecting a suitable charity who was then able to make a positive impact on the community.

Led by:

Amy Haile Headshot

Amy Haile

Executive Director
Champions for Children, Inc.

Denvye Boyle Headshot

Denyve Boyle

Senior Director of Philanthropy
Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Henri Cancio Fitzgerald

Henri Cancio-Fitzgerald

SVP, Managing Director Nonprofit Strategy & Solutions Group
PNC Institutional Asset Management

Kevin Fonzo

Co-Founder & Chef Instructor
Edible Education Experience

Marisa Worley Headshot

Marisa Worley

Executive Director
Edible Education Experience

Miles Williams Headshot

Miles Williams

Chief Operating Officer
Smith & Associates Real Estate Foundation

2:45 PM

Diversify your DAF portfolio with impact investing
Your Finance Committee recommends allocating some of your DAF assets towards impact investing… Where do you start? Join this session to hear from panelists that excel in impact investing and will share what they learned along the way. Topics will include risk mitigation, private investing, public strategies, recoverable grants, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Led by:

Avery Fontaine Headshot

Avery T. Fontaine

SVP Head of Philanthropy & Impact
PNC Private Bank Hawthorn

Sally Boulter Headshot

Sally Boulter

Senior Engagement Officer

Liz Sessler Headshot

Liz Sessler

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Onder Headshot

Scott Onder

Chief Investment Officer
Mercy Corps Ventures

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs): Flexibility for DAF program growth
Considering offering separately managed accounts (SMAs)? This approach allows a donor’s financial advisor to retain the management of assets after donation, allowing the FA to offer a tailored approach to investing. Many foundations now offer this option to their high-net-worth donors (HNW) after it became evident that there are assets they’re not able to attract without it. Join this panel session to learn how allowing wealth advisors to manage and get paid on DAF investment portfolios sends the right message… and allows the donor to employ the proper team of advisors to make impact (and attract and retain wealth)!

Led by:

Christy Butler Eckoff

Senior Trust Advisor, Trust Advisory Services, Southeast Region
Wells Fargo Wealth & Investment Management

Donna Frederick Headshot

Donna E. Frederick

SVP, Donor-Advised Funds Executive Director
Stifel Charitable Inc.

Richard Peck Headshot

Richard Peck

Richard C. Peck Consulting, LLC

Stephanie Sessa Headshot

Stephanie Sessa

Donor Relations Officer
Austin Community Foundation

11:00 AM

Foundations: Goal setting and measuring what matters
Do you know how your foundation’s grant making has impacted your community? Do you know what you want your organization to accomplish in the next three years? While foundations largely recognize the importance of evaluating their own performance to learn what is working and how, many struggle to solidify an operating plan or understand their impact. In this session we’ll explore goalmaking, benchmarking, and how to measure and account for success.

Led by:

Andrea Cummings Headshot

Andrea Cummings

Senior Director, Philanthropic Services
Minneapolis Foundation

Brittany Schultz Headshot

Brittany Schultz

Philanthropic Advisor
Cleveland Foundation

Chris Beach Headshot

Chris Beach

SVP, Philanthropic Services
Minneapolis Foundation

Kristi Knous Headshot

Kristi Knous

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

Nicole Hisler

SVP, Director of Charitable Solutions
Raymond James Charitable