Tuesday, October 3

11:30 AM

Board fiduciary duties for DAF sponsoring organizations
Discover the core fiduciary duties of charitable board members, explored in the context of DAF sponsoring organizations. Marla and Gil will delve into duties of care, loyalty, and obedience, examining board members’ roles in overseeing DAF activities, such as supervising investments, grantmaking, and addressing conflicts of interest. Join this session to gain practical insights that you can take forward to your own practice.

Led by:

Gil Nausbaum Headshot

Gil A. Nusbaum

General Counsel
National Philanthropic Trust

Marla Conley Headshot

Marla Conley

Founding Partner
Conley Law Group

1:30 PM

Using an intermediary for your international grantmaking: Challenges, lessons, and successes
Join us as we present best practices and examples of the successes and challenges experienced when using a grantmaking intermediary to facilitate grants advised by a domestic DAF that are made to a foreign grantee. We’ll review the basic principles of cross-border grantmaking: regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and reputation protection. Real-life examples will demonstrate how using an intermediary partner can benefit a DAF sponsor’s donor clients while minimizing the risk exposure and administrative burden.

Led by:

Colleen Cashman Headshot

Colleen Cashman

Senior Manager of Premier Services and Strategy
Vanguard Charitable

Pascale Remy Headshot

Pascale Remy

Head of Global Partnerships
Sport dans la Ville

Ted Hart Headshot

Ted Hart

President & CEO
CAF America

2:45 PM

Navigate the legal maze: Exploring recent court cases
The recent rise in the popularity of DAFs has also brought controversy in the courts. Join this in-depth discussion on recent cases and decisions, as well as proposed federal legislation, to help your organization navigate legal developments that could meaningfully impact donors, DAFs, and DAF-sponsoring organizations.

Led by:

Greg Baker headshot

Gregory W. Baker

President & Chairperson
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Wednesday, October 4

9:45 AM

Donor-advised funds’ expanding impact: Private foundation rollovers
DAFs continue to play a critical role in driving the dedication of private wealth resources to charitable organizations and are being put to active use in fueling the budget of a growing number of charities. With the rising awareness of the benefits DAFs offer, a new constituency has emerged – private foundations that seek to roll over to a DAF structure and shutter their foundation. Join our panelists as they speak to this growing trend with a special focus on the gaps preventing the DAF industry from offering a best-in-class service model to private foundation conversions today.

Led by:

Don Greene headshot

Donald J. Greene

Managing Director
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Sunil Garga Headshot

Sunil Garga

Advisory Board Member
Foundation Source

11:00 AM

DAF board member vs. non-DAF charity board member: What’s the difference?
All board members of a charity owe basic duties including care, loyalty, and obedience. But, there’s more to being a board member of a DAF sponsoring organization. This session will focus on the different skills, duties, responsibilities, focus, and rhythm that differentiate being a board member of other charities as compared to being a DAF board member.

Led by:

Carla DeLoach Headshot

Carla DeLoach

DeLoach, P.L.

Jordan Hurlburt Headshot

Jordan Hurlburt

DeLoach, P.L.